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Human Design is a multi-faceted system that sends a laser beam into our conditioned patterns; the ones that restrict and constrain us into ways of being that doesn't serve - what Human Design calls the "Not-Self"".   It helps us harness our scattered energies into clear and focused application so that our energy is spent on what is truly important and life-giving to our soul.


    1.5 hour Zoom Session 

    My small group coaching works beautifully for those who would like to learn their own design while also  receiving experiential insight from other Human Design Types represented in the group.  Together we work through the foundations of Human Design, with an emphasis on Strategy, Authority and Somatic integration.
    These classes run online over six weeks, ending with a Bonus Masterclass.


    Learn the Human Design system while receiving personalised mentorship at the same time.  This service is for spiritual entrepreneurs, those moving through big life transitions, parents seeking to understand their family's designs, team leaders - anyone wanting to fill their toolkit with a ready-to-apply, transformational tool.  Expect profound shifts in understanding your conscious and unconscious patterns and behaviours. 
    What do you get out of this 1:1 mentoring?

  1. An understanding of your unique wiring and your place in the world

  2. Guidance on how to work with your built-in Navigation System

  3. An understanding of your Authentic Self

  4. Space holding as you journey out of life-long Conditioned Patterns

    Mentorship takes place over six, nine or twelve weeks and includes somatic integration, as well as sacred nature-based and rewilding practices. 

    Click the link to email Joy for more information 

"True knowing has little to do with the mind" - Joy King 
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