High Vibe Essential Oils

Certified Pure Tested Grade

At JoyRisingZA, we are committed to using proven tools to support our healing services which is why we only use doTERRA's High Vibrational Essential Oils, also known as Certified Pure Tested Grade (CPTG).  These are oils which have been distilled from plants sourced in their indigenous environment, wherever that may be around the world.  

Through a series of tests (up to 54) by external independent sources, they are certified and prepared with the intention of being used as medicine (for both internal and external use) for body, mind and soul.

Because they're made up of the same stuff as humans, our bodies recognise them as health and wellness allies, unlike other essential oil brands which typically contain fillers and bulking agents, making them potentially toxic. 

And because of their proven purity, these potent plant friends up-level the healing modalities served here, taking our services to even higher levels of excellence. 

Image by Chelsea Gates