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Spiritual Life Coaching


Joy's experience as a Homebirth Doula gives her a perspective into holding space not generally held by Life Coaches. Her unique insight into providing a supportive environment during labour and birth easily transposes into creating a similar supportive environment for those birthing into new versions of themselves.

These internal shifts are often connected to spiritual awakenings, often unexpected or welcome!

Having experienced a personal spiritual tsunami of her own in October 2010, Joy is able to empathise with the impact these changes have on identity, relationships and spirituality.

Along with supportive tools like: Essential Oil Readings  

Oracle Card Readings 

Energy Clearing


Movement Meditation &

Embodiment Practices

Joy helps her clients integrate the dissolving Self with the evolving one, while traversing their changing inner landscape.


Coaching Packages


Catch & Release

Using the metaphysical (meta = beyond, thus beyond physical) properties of essential oils and a personalised guided meditation, this one-off session gives you a snapshot of what is arising from within, along with gaining insights into what needs to be released and what your soul is ready to welcome.

Receive a 10ml bespoke essential oil roller blend to incorporate into your spiritual and/or creative process to support you during this transition.

Time Investment: 2 hrs
Cost: ZAR500


Elemental Dissolve & Evolve

A 4-week bespoke journey exploring the Evolving and Dissolving Self.

Here we meet once a week for 2 hours - in-person or online - where we incorporate:

  • Personalized Guided Meditation

  • Embodiment Practices

  • Movement 

This process works to shift your inner dissolving narrative (what is coming up for release) in order to access the new, evolving one by incorporating these powerful processes that support release and transformation.   

These sessions are for groups or 1:1 clients.

Time Investment:  2.5 hours per week for 4 weeks
Exchange:  ZAR900 per week or ZAR3200 for the month


Into The Unknown

A 3-month personalised package guiding clients out of the confines of their known world and into the wide, unexplored expanse beckoning ahead.

Here we meet bi-monthly for 3 months, using:

  • Personalised Guided Meditation 

  • Embodiment

  • Purposeful movement 

  • Journaling &

  • the metaphysical (meta = beyond, thus beyond physical) properties of Essential Oils

This is a safe and held space where you can intentionally engage with what is coming up in the form of perceived endings (career, relationships, behaviours, old patterns) while embracing new beginnings. 

This 3 month journey is one marked by courage, trust and letting go.  Are you ready? :)

Sessions are for groups or 1:1 clients.

Time Investment:  Bi-Monthly for 2.5 hours each

Exchange:   once-off ZAR7200  or ZAR2500 per month over three months