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  My training and experience as a homebirth doula through W.O.M.B.S. (Women Offering Mothers Birth Support) has blessed me with the discipline to sit with the Other.      To be with. ​ To intuit and anticipate what is needed next that will provide holding and guidance in the moment.  ​ I believe this journey began for me as I traversed the rite of passage from Maiden to Mother:  honouring my daughters as sacred souls who were already wise, and who deserved my respect, first and foremost.  Home-schooling them was a major part of my personal education and evolution.  ​ Now, as I begin to move into the graceful years of the Maga and Crone I do so with a toolbox filled with resources related to the body, cycles, birth, death, rebirth, courage, bravery, the ways of the Feminine and ritual - all while supporting the body and nervous system into homeostasis. ​ My love for the body and it's multiple systems continues to intrigue and inspire me years after training at the Academy of Shiatsu in Cape Town (no longer operational).  It was here where it was confirmed for me what I'd known all along: that the body, the soul and the spirit operate as one and cannot be isolated from each other.    Underpinning these modalities, are my: * Human Design deep dives and learnings with Dawn Pilatowicz , 2020/21 who has since sadly passed away  * Diploma in Counselling and Communication Skills" from SACAP, 1999 * "Mediation Skills" from the Centre for Conflict Resolution (CCR), 1992 - 1996 * A diverse and rich life experience encompassing a divorce after 19 years of marriage, leaving the confines of conservative religion, following the clarion call of my soul in the wake of a personal tsunami, beginning from scratch:  owning nothing, financially illiterate, determined to follow the unique design of my being.  ​ Together this beautiful, dynamic tapestry of service combines to offer a unique insight that allows me to teach, guide, hold space for and support clients who are shifting through big life changes and/or spiritual awakenings in integrity and trust.   ​

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