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The Body Doesn't Lie

It is the most dense expression of our existence, and in that density exists the Divine Spark of our origin.

Cocooned deep within our ancestral genetics, within the memory of our wounds, traumas and experiences, resides the bright flame of Life that connects us to our original Source.

These individual flames of Light echo truths from deep within, sometimes through layers of physical discomfort or pain to get our attention.

Attention to blockages.

Attention to what is out of alignment.

Attention to what is not true.

Attention to our deepest desires.

Attention to old stories that serve no purpose except to distract and keep us stuck.

Dear one, let's become still for long enough. Let's notice the subtle messages spoken through our sacred bodies. The sinking feeling, the tingle up our spine, the knot in our stomach, the thumping heart, the nausea, the increased pulse....

Which situations draw these feelings through your body? Perhaps its a person.

Paying attention may well unlock the door to the place where we begin to alchemise the energetic toxic load that keeps us in a state of low vibration and ill health. It may well lead us back to the bright flame of Life that connects us to our original Source. Well actually, I believe that's exactly what will happen.

Blessings dear friends. May this Full Moon in Virgo week offer you many moments of attention. Moments that may change your life forever.

For your highest good.




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