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Your Built-In Decision Making Manual (Yes, you have one!)

Have you wished for a decision-making manual for your life as much as I have? All those impulsive actions followed by feelings of pressure that I believed needed to be acted on in the moment. Gosh, if only I'd understood my human design authority earlier in life, I think I would've saved myself a whole lotta trouble ;)

You can use the inner intelligence that is your Inner Authority as a tool for you to know whether something is right for you, or not. No need to outsource your decision-making or act impulsively anymore! Our bodies literally possess an inner compass that reveals whether something is a healthy and fulfilling use of your energy or not. But it does mean intentionally tuning into your body and (for most of us) taking the time to listen.

Our Inner Authority is a body-based knowing that precedes the cognition of the mind, and thus accessing it requires us to become more embodied and to listen better to our bodies.- Ra Uru Hu

As we do so, we move into a state where we more often experience the “Signature” that results from the correct use of our energy, be it satisfaction, success, peace, or surprise.

Outer Authority in Human Design is the ability to provide your authentic perspective. This perspective is derived from your particular design, as an expression of your uniqueness.

We are designed to commune with others and share our unique perspectives about life, truth, and everything in between. We can be of the highest possible service to others when we communicate our insights, ideas and opinions at the right moment (this is key!).

It may be in response, or when invited to share. Using your mind this way becomes a resource for others.

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