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 Coaching Packages:

JoyRisingZA offers spiritual coaching with an extraordinary touch from a diverse and rich life experience and a  perspective informed by:

*a divorce after 19 years of marriage

*leaving the confines of conservative religion 

*following the clarion call of her soul in the wake of a personal tsunami

*beginning from scratch
*owning nothing, financially illiterate, determined to follow the unique design of her being. 

 Joy understands what it means to face the proverbial fork in the road, to act boldly in the face of fear. She knows what it feels like to hold the polarity of grief and despair alongside joy and contentment, counting it all as holy.  


Joy's watchwords are transformation, sacred mentorship, and space holding while guiding you through big life changes and the unfolding of your unique journey.

30 min Discovery Session, $30

1x 1hr weekly session over 6 weeks, $300

1x 1.5hr weekly session over 6 weeks, $350

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