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Massage & Body Work


Shiatsu is a form of therapy of Japanese origin based on the same principles as acupuncture, in which pressure is applied to certain points on the body using the hands.

This ancient modality supports the body to release accumulated density, contributing to an overall sense of wellness and inner expansion.

45min Head, Neck & Shoulder Release, ZAR600

75min Shiatsu, ZAR900

120min Shiatsu, $ZAR1400


Using certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, this 60 minute light-touch treatment combines gentle Reflexology and Aromatherapy applied to the spine and underneath feet to introduce homeostasis (balance) to a stressed and exhausted body.

60min Balancing Aromatherapy Massage, ZAR700

Intuitive BodyWork

This service offers the perfect combination of relaxation and healing, using an innovative fusion of Shiatsu, Fascia Release, Breathwork, Visualisation and Energy Clearing.


Let Joy's intuitive application of skills used over a decade help you bring balance and wholeness back into your being today.

75min Intuitive Bodywork, ZAR900

120min Intuitive Bodywork, ZAR1400

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I am available on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays between 9:30am and 4pm from my treatment space in Noordhoek. Get in touch to book an appointment today!

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