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Ritual & Rites of Passage

Tired of the same old thing?
JoyRisingZA is here to show you a new way to honour life by offering bespoke ceremonies and Rites of Passage that honour major life events.

1. Sacred Baby Blessing Ceremony 
Prepare for the arrival of your newborn in a sacred way by gathering friends and family to witness you energetically and symbolically step out of the Maiden and into the Mother portal.
Cost: $70

2. Closing of the Bones Ceremony

Inspired by midwives from South American descent, the
"Closing of the Bones" Ceremony honours the body
that has conceived, grown and birthed your baby by
closing and sealing the bones that have

expanded in the process. 

Included in the ceremony is
sacred massage and
yoni steaming. 

(This ceremony can be adapted to honour termination or miscarriage, as well as for sealing off
unhealthy ancestral/inherited womb issues.)

Cost: $70

3. Rites of Passage
Whether you are celebrating motherhood, empty-nesting, stepping into magical menopause, or making life-changing decisions that require a symbolical altar and action of sorts,  JoyRisingZA curates bespoke rites of passage incorporating nature-based practices.  

1x 30min Consult, $20 to discuss your intention and wishes.  
Depending on the outcome of the consult, the rate for this bespoke service is relative to how many hours or days the rite lasts.

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