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Initiation and Awakening Through Shock

While the Sun, Chiron, Mercury Retrograde, Venus, the North Node and the Solar Eclipse all transit the great Gate of Initiation, Gate 51, into awakening through shock, we have the Earth transiting SIX of the seven fear gates on the Spleen Centre this month.

Here is our invitation to cultivate courage to release old patterns that have held us back from acting for our highest good, and to find mastery over our fears.

Others may try to influence or overpower you with their views. Practice autonomy and embrace personal sovereignty by tuning into your own inner navigation system, your own true North via your Strategy and Authority - a Human Design foundational tool - and plot your own way through potential chaos.

With every highlighted fear or shocking revelation, remember to breathe, drop into your body, take a step back and ask: "is this true?".

Make it a priority to sit with a tree, a water source, a plant, flowers, essential oils, or other Earthing practices to support yourself.

It's going to be a doozie of a month, friends. Remember to be kind.

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