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INTO THE UNKNOWN with Juniper Berry Essential Oil

Botanical Name:   Juniperus communis

Part of Plant:  Berries

Aroma:  Warm

Chakras:  3rd Eye; Sacral

Elements:  Earth, Metal, Water

How many of us are currently facing the great unknown, whether it be for ourselves, our families or the greater collective at this time? Perhaps you're having to confront value systems and beliefs adhered to over a lifetime that are no longer true? You're questioning, "where to from here?".


You know you need to let go and take a leap into the abyss but if you did, where would you land, and will it be safe?

Oh friend, the unknown can be a terrifying place. There's the part of you that intuits the very real need for change while another part wants to remain in the safety of what's known - even if that sense of safety isn't truly healthy for you.

I love how our Great Mother provides natural resources that support us, not only for health and wellbeing, but during challenging times of transition and change as well.

Juniper Berry is one such resource. Commonly used as a spice in European cuisine, the berry isn't actually a berry at all but the female fleshy cone from the Juniperus communis plant related to the Cypress family. The dried berry is possibly best known for it's gin-flavouring properties.

Here, however, we like to talk about the metaphysical properties of essential oils, and considering the heightened astrology of these present times, I believe Juniper Berry EO is a great ally right now.

Like Desiree de Lunae says, "Our darkness refuses to be ignored".

Juniper Berry EO supports those who have a fear of the dark (both literal and figurative), fear of the unknown, those avoiding the shadow self, and the fear of letting go, then goes on to offer gifts of self-awareness, intuition, courage, peace of heart, bravery, and auric cleansing while helping us embrace and move towards the darkness, offering protection at the same time.

In the physical body, Juniper Berry is best known as a detoxifier that clears the kidneys, liver, and urinary tract. It's association with clearing water also means that it is helpful in reducing fluid retention and swelling. Some people use it in ointments that treat joints where acid build-up has accumulated.

This oil also offers gentle support for children experiencing night terrors.

It is said that essential oils from fruits like juniper berry, black pepper and pink pepper, are related to the Fire element. Fire is known to be both destructive and transformative. So...

  • What are you afraid to look at within yourself?

  • What are you avoiding?

  • What unhealthy patterns, people or behaviours are you unwilling to let go of?

  • What is Spirit in the process of transforming (fire) and cleansing (water) in your life? And most importantly:

  • What will it take for you to act on your own intuition and knowing?


Crystal:  Tiger Iron (not to be confused with Tiger's Eye)

Spirit Animal:  Tiger

Planets: Pluto and Scorpio (who both love diving into and exploring the dark depths)


  • Lavender EO to release hidden fears and secrets

  • Cedarwood EO to provide a safe space for expression without shame

  • Bergamot EO to transform fear into faith

NB: Please note that Juniper Berry EO is contraindicated for use during pregnancy (it may act on the amniotic fluid that supports the growing baby) and those having dialysis treatment.

For crystal support visit Irani at @Unearthed on Instagram

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